Presentation Support

Your ability to present information effectively is at the foundation of every success.

Good presentation makes careers, creates impressions, motivates people and most of all builds reputations.
PtP Place offers a range of presentation services to help you get it just right.
How often have you wished for a fairy-god-mother to help adjust and refine your work?

For now enjoy strolling through some great videos(to the right) that should help with some inspiration:-

Here's what our wand carrying specialists offer:-

1.  PowerPoint Editing

  • Send your ppt as an open file.
  • Be specific about how much time you have for the presentation.
  • Be clear about the purpose of the presentation.
  • Provide additional context in terms of who the audience will be, the location and time of the presentation, and anything else that may be relevant.
  • If you already have presentation notes, these can be forwarded in PDF format.
  • Some additional information about the presenter/s would be welcomed.
  • We'll add the magic and make it fabulous.

2.  Critical Performance Feedback

  • Send a recording of your presentation - one you have done, one you intend doing, or one you are practicing. (Video, phone recording or other)
  • Give a full body view within the recording.
  • Mention anything in particular over which you have concerns.
  • We will supply a written assessment - or - we will offer real time feedback via Skype, FaceTime or other.
  • A minimum of five coaching tips will be included in the basic package.
  • One on one coaching is also an additional alternative.

3.  Presentation Creation

  • A pre-briefing form will be sent asking questions about the target audience, the required outcome, the presenter;  time, location and medium.
  • A15 minute phone briefing starts the process.  Style, approach and intent will be agreed upon.
  • Forwarding of any content, graphs, diagrams, statistics and images for inclusion in the presentation.
  • Draft presentation will be forwarded.
  • Review, feedback and refinement.
  • Finalisation of presentation including delivery tips.

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