Developing Change Resilience

The sensation of moving forward can be exhilarating.
When things get in the way we can feel foiled, frustrated and forlorn.
Developing resilience to the constant changes in our lives is a talent worth pursuing.
Here are a couple of quick tips and the Building Change Resilience workshop will offer you deeper insight and ideas.

A couple of tips:

1.  Focus your time and energy on situations you have control over.  Avoid revisiting what's wrong, unchangeable or in your view destined for disaster.
2.  Discover that compelling reason to get out of bed and into life.  Extend that sensation to all areas of your life and care about your efforts.
3.  Don't over exaggerate setbacks.  Optimism = resilience.
4.  Know in your mind and heart that nothing is permanent - everything changes.
5. Blaming yourself is wasteful - examine situations with a critical eye, explain them to yourself and decide what you will do differently next time.

The personal stuff:

1.  Get enough sleep - especially when life is stressful.
2.  View unwanted change as a challenge or a problem needing your special attention..
3.  School yourself to be positive about the future - it's coming so decide to enjoy it no matter what.
4.  Bad days happen to all of us.  They can de-energise quickly so making a choice about how you respond to those days, is part of the energy and enthusiasm secret.
5.  Beware becoming a victim.  Listen to what you are saying and move your focus to the things you have control over.  Don't obsess about things that have already happened - you can't change them!
6.  Peer pressure and group think can be disastrous.  Stay true to yourself.  Listen, observe, consider and trust yourself.  Kindness, consideration and different thinking solves just about everything.
7.  Clear goals and tasks that are achievable will build all manner of resilience.

Developing Change Resilience - 1 hour Presentation

Managing Pressure Situations


Understanding and managing pressure situations is the stuff of everyday business for many of us.
With the combination of workplace, life and often technology demands, having some self driven understanding and technique can make all the difference.
We would love to work with you and your teams because there are lots of simple actions that can make the world of difference.

Watch this space for mor tips.

Managing Competing Demands

Individuals, organisations, departments and institutions around the world are coming under increasing pressure to deliver practical and affordable solutions to increasingly complex situations.  One of the biggest challenges in wading through the competing demands, is generating options that are acceptable and livable.
JUGGLING careers, family and social lives, we can feel stretched in all directions but often also feel unable to say no.  Peace and purpose can be found in exploring priorities, by understanding what is and is not most valuable and worthwhile to you, right now.

Finding Time In Admin

Some quick, simple and helpful tips to get hold of time and achieve more administration tasks in your day.  Try one tomorrow!