One Page Wonders

For the Price of a Coffee - these single page guides provide quick answers to all those "how do I" questions that can otherwise leave us lost and confused.

How Do I Cope With Someone Who Always Thinks They Are Right

The more you disagree with someone, the more committed they become to their position.  People who are steadfast and determined about their view being right, correct, inarguable or absolute, completely frazzle us.  These interactions press all manner of buttons and often end up in arguments, stalemates or emotionally packed events,  none of which is productive or pleasant.  Learning how to manage these situations better, is something we all must practice vigilantly.


How Do I Cope The Instant Thant Things Go Wrong?

The instant you feel your stomach drop;  your skin crawl ;  the heat burn your body or any other indicator that trouble is brewing, you must take notice and not react.  Thinking is critical in this set of seconds that very often determine either success or failure;  disaster or growth;  or the outcome of those dreaded reactions that will bite you in the bottom later on!  Let's focus for a moment on what are the helpful and unhelpful options during these important seconds.