The Undiscovered Language of Me

The most mistifying person on earth, at times, can be ourselves.

We all have capacity and ability that remains untapped because we don't quite know how to get to it.  This PD session is about  finding the right recipe for you.  Haven't you met people who just seem to so easily "get it"?  They can leave you wonder whether they were just born that way and whether you missed out?  Probably not true.

There is an undoscovered language and it is the language of you.  We didn't come with our own driver's manual but during these five weeks you will certainly get a much better handle on who you are, who you could be and how you can help yourself get wherever you want to be.  In the wake you gain greater insight into others and that 's a really helpful byproduct.

Throughthis 5-week program you will engage in some delightful exercises, many of which you can incorporate into your normal day.  Some tasks will be very reflective and just need some time for thought and planning.  Some may find you rummaging through your wardrobe, boxes from your childhood or memories you thought were long gone.  Plan to engage in some very purposeful fun as well.

  • Clarify the aspects of yourself, you value most.
  • Discover ways to increase your awareness at work and home.
  • Be able to interpret the signals in ways never before possible.
  • Take charge of creating satisfaction in stressful circumstances.
  • Implement simple techniques to better manage the choices you make about yourself.
  • Create a practical plan to generate helpful beliefs that will propel you through the life you want.

Course Material

Week 1 – A new language from old.
Week 2 – The identity cycle.
Week 3 – The right radio station.
Week 4 – Harnessing the logic.
Week 5 - Update your own licence.


  • When -   Anytime - just email us.
  • Where -  Anywhere. Fully self paced.
  • Who -     Anyone seeking a better understanding of themselves and others.
  • Time -    Ten minutes per day
  • Why -     Because this is the magic no one ever shared with you before.