Training Trainers Outline

As trainers, facilitators, educators, leaders;  our task is to get others to see the light.

Research on learning and information absorption is ongoing, and so our training instruction and teaching flexibility is an area that also requires attention.  Major drivers such as time, resourses, geography and technology, necessitate greater levels of innovation and adaption in the training arena.  As organisations look more towards their own in-house trainers and coaches for higher levels of productivity, investment in accelerated strategies for the trainer becomes a priority also.  Here are three options for your consideration.

Impact Training Strategy

Greater Outcomes from your In-House Trainers

Boring Content is a fact of life!

What we need to know is how to elevate content and ensure that the audience gets the facts they need, and understands their value and use.

The trainer's role is to grow their own talent so that they have unlimited skills to allow them to train intensively, effectively and enjoyably.

This workshop is for existing trainers who are keen to develop their own skills, increase their effectiveness, and truly reach their students.  It covers a more strategic design approach, updated with cutting edge impact mechanisms, that are easy to earn and simple to apply;  and they work!   We don't reinvent the wheel - it works fine - we just engineer it a bit.

Great Training – advanced technique   

Greater Outcomes from your In-House Training

There is nothing quite like working with a great trainer.

If you are already great there is always room to refine technique.  This workshop allows you to practice and apply new ideas, or review existing ones and add some new thoughts and ideas.

The workshop offers a valuable opportunity to record sessions for your personal review and refinement purposes.  It also offers a chance to have your own review with some group perspective and feedback, from your peers.

We offer a new structure for intentional outcomes;  innovation unique to you;  implementation, assessment and impact tactics.  You will gain new ideas and the plan so you can always check up on yourself.  You will discover some of the secrets of the masters of the industry and leave with a top 10 tips list.

Facilitation Technique

The ultimate in involvement and outcome generation.

Training is about content whilst facilitation is about process.

Change is everywhere and if you really want to understand and handle it, facilitation delivers a better climate for commitment and confidence in the process.

As well as some actual techniques (the workshop process itself), we will look at adding flair and advantage through the unidentified elements that the greats use.
Such as:
             Building Rapport and Trust                              Incorporation                                   Pacing
             Reframing                                                     Contextualising                                Describing and Listening
             Generative Questioning                                  and as many more as time will allow