Success Lies Beyond Your Job Description

Sometimes, no matter how we try, no matter how much effort we invest, things just don’t move forward.  It’s perplexing, and confusing, and very often we don’t know how to find out ‘why’.   

This program may just give you some of the answers you have been looking for.  It focuses on discovering our internal barriers (personal or business) and moving those to produce maximum external impact.

Individually we all carry a range of beliefs that are hidden deep in our sub-conscious, and they formulate the operating platform that delivers the reality in our lives.  In organisations we call it  culture or style. Some are positive and some are limiting. Beliefs are neither real nor false, and therefore we can work with them to deliver impressive progress.

Couple this with some other hidden patterns and we can move mountains in the future, or simple find some more time and options in the present.

Do you believe that there is stuff going on that's not mentioned in your job description?

Does your job description say anything about your emotional commitments and rewards? 

Does it identify what meaning and unrevealed expectations exist in your team?

Does it help you to understand why you embrace some ideas and reject others?

Does it highlight for you, the behaviours and actions of leadership that apply to anyone in  the organisation?  They go beyond the managers and the corporate culture you know!

Does it tell you how far you can go?

Bring along your fascination, curiosity, and questions about how is it possible?

We could explore the following

  • Looking laterally - success lies beyond what is written - figuring out what is not being said
  • Personal Inhibitors and finding a Success Recipe - what I'm doing that isn't helping
  • Aligning the magnet that brings me what I want - using all my senses to help me achieve
  • Mental Blocks and how to get past them - a clean-up and reboot of my thinking
  • Neuro-strategies for Quick Thinking - secrets to responding quickly
  • Rescued by Positional Thinking - a strategy that helps you understand others
  • Building Beliefs that Benefit - reviewing some outdated decisions
  • Tapping Hidden Values - identifying what is really important to you
  • Excellence Planning - the opposite of worrying
  • Solution Mapping - planning your success