NLP Outline

Neuro-linguistic programming

NLP techniques are useful because they are undetectable when used well.
They are undetectable because they are not conscious to the observer;  thus when used, they appeal to the most potent part of the human mind –  the unconscious.

You connect and make sense at a much deeper and more compelling level.              
Simply put, they get it !!!
Use these techniques all the time and your latent talent will develop into a relational advantage.
Originally designed as a therapeutic set of tools based upon sound academic frameworks, NLP and business is the perfect combination.  These techniques help you to accelerate success in achieving your goals.

What it can do:

1.    Provide additional armoury in the pursuit of your daily, weekly, yearly tasks and goals.
2.    Wake up your senses (VAKTOG) such that they serve your instinct on multiple levels.
3.    Develop your behavioural flexibility so that you significantly increase your influence ability.
4.    Maximise your individuality so that your presentation is seamless and honourable.
5.    Increase your sensory acuity so that you notice and maximise previously unseen opportunity.
6.    Consciously observe and decipher other’s unconscious behaviour ... you gain a new insight.
7.    Instantly build rapport and connection to ease problem solving in ongoing relationships.
8.    Generate great deals with clues that tell you what to give and what to avoid.
9.    Identify what is holding you back and what you can do about it.
10.  Notice improvements in all areas of your life with these communication advantages.

NLP technique can be applied to all areas of the business environment.

Some examples:-
     One on one coaching
     Selling or Influencing
     Problem Solving
     Customer Relations
     Telephone Technique
     A/V or Digital Communication
     Patient Care
     Creative Industries

NLP technique is applied to all PtP programs and learning events.