Leadership Outline

Our aim is to help you leverage tomorrow’s best, today.   
Today, leaders face a most uncertain environment and need to actively consider some of the more non-traditional leadership skills such as presence, resilience, personal mastery, integrity, intuition and authenticity;  in order to emerge as a force and overcome insidious uncertainty, digital rush and economic woes.  

There is no question that organisations, departments and mangers have had to rethink how they operate.  With security of employment having become questionable, people will increasingly look towards fine leadership for comfort.   Expectations of openness and transparency are increasing.  Should fear override good decision making,  then trust will become a core issue.  Now, more than ever, we search for clued-on individuals to take co-workers, teams, departments, and entire organisations to a more optimistic place. Key, is the ability to take responsibility for the results you get from what you do, and recognising that if you want different results you need to change something and do ‘it’ differently.  

Innovation is the buzz word of now.  Innovation takes time, patience, vision, and lateral thinking, whilst completing all the "have to's" already on your plate.  Whilst the reality beyond the thinking, to believing and doing, is sometimes overlooked.  

Sue-Ellen Kusher has been the facilitator of the inaugural (leadership) “Career Progression Program for Women” for resident academics at the University of Queensland;   Change Leadership design and implementation for University of California;  co designer and facilitator for Journey into Leadership (a five day program) that ran continually for eleven years. 

The constant task  

To deliver leadership  renewal and reinvention in line with the consistent changes in the micro and macro environment.  
To address the constant challenge of merging the old with the new;  of standing out yet blending in;  of seeking new frontiers yet stabilising current turmoil;  of leading sustainably.  
Encouraging individuals and recognising their contribution to organisational identity through community empowerment.  
Emphasising the impact on the environmental, social, and business eco-systems in operation.  
We partner in this relationship to deliver purpose built hybrid products for your team, your organisation, your dream.