Facilitation  and  Mediation

a skilled facilitator makes a difference

Unlike training, telling or teaching:  Facilitation is a process of getting people

to think in a direction, and act in a way that will be more effective and deliver

better results.

When an individual, is enticed to take their own thinking on a journey, amazing things happen.  The facilitator uses a range of skills to lead one person or a group of people, through new neurological and behavioural possibilities.  It's exciting, engaging and motivatinal. When we believe our life is about to get better and we can feel that this will work for us, things change.

Please contact us for any enquiries into consultation or facilitation  engagements.

A Mediator is an impartial conduit for focused conversation.  Such interactions have an absolute outcome as the goal.              

The purpose is to reach an agreement about what will happen next and to put clear guidelines with consequences on the record.

Mediation is a process that lets people speak for themselves (with no threat) and make their own decisions.

Mediation brings clarity to situations and allows both parties to air their concerns.  It also allows each party to percieve the others view.  A clear and firmly managed method is orchestrated and lead by the energy, strength and compassion of the Mediator. Good mediators will draw on a variety of styles and approaches as the circumstances demand.  These include facilitative and evaluative techniques.
Some processes you may consider are:

  • peace making
  • final interventions
  • last chance reviews
  • conflict stalemates
  • resolving challenging situations
  • investigation consultations
Please contact us for any enquiries into mediation engagements.

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