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About PtP Place

Welcome to PtP Place, the home of the latest in interactive, online as well as real time, accelerated learning options.

Ideas and approaches that you have not seen before.  Developed from years of practical experience as well as the latest research, our innovative concepts incorporate all that is known about how prople prefer to learn and develop.  As little as 10 minutes a day has proven to do the trick.

We address the current workplace and life stressors.  We offer access for individuals to leadership development material that drives personal growth.  We have considered the time, availability, resource and cost imperatives and have woven some magic to produce a new way through the development maize.  Everything on this site is quick and easy to absorb.  We believe that everybody wants to imporve and they will make the effort if the offering is relevant, practical, enjoyable and productive.  These are our goals and we hope are yours too.